Places of Employment

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

"Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein




September 2020 - PRESENT

Nothing in my field brings me more joy than the opportunity to share my talents with others.

As a "Sensei", my profession entails creating my own courses which bend to the needs of each "ninja", or pupil, to teach them the best practices for a plethora of necessary modern skills, such as computer programming, engineering, art and design.

Duties Included:

• Creation of course loads, projects, and activities which bring an imaginative portrayal of the curriculum



March - August 2019

During this experience, I was able to expand my knowledge on experimental tech, such as AR/VR and cross platform production.

While working for a startup independent studio in Toronto as a 3D specialist, I helped out with the prop design, environmental concept art and many graphical details within the engine

Duties Included:

   • Creation of large and small scale props and buildings which a player could enter and maneuver
  • Working closely with the main concept artist to bring team’s visual into the project




August 2017 - February 2018

Bringing an older game to the modern Era

During the summer, I joined a team mid-project and,with  collaboration with key artists, I was responsible for the modelling, texturing and animation of a multitude of game assets ranging from character weapons, environmental vegetation and game level props

Duties Included:

• Designing and producing assets from conception to final rendition.

• Animating character assets within the game environment and scripted their AI
• Developing with a team of Artists to create a plethora of unique environments



February - June 2017

Art and Design for a Video Game Trailer

As a designer, I worked closely with the Art Director and taught concept artists to design a set ist of assets and implement them by milestone. Throughout these months, I was able to learn the in's and out's of the production pipeline and how assets grow from basic concept sketches to trailer ready renders.

Duties Included:

* Modelling and Texturing interior assets to fill

a level designed by the art team.
* Collaborating with the art director to create a consistent theme among the art team.
* Design 3D props which were then produced by the concepting team and later modeled by myself and others



March-May 2016

Utilizing my school experience for the workforce

With new computer rhetoric and programming skills in C# and C++, I was able to find short term employment with a mod studio I admired. Their newest milestone included a major overhaul to the UI and Menu system that they had previously implemented

Duties Included:

* Programmed menus for the art team's concept. This included a fully functional inventory system
* Designed program architecture sufficient enough for later iterations supporting future updates to the game



Summer 2015

Finishing my secondary years on a high note

For a co-op during my final year of secondary, I had the great opportunity to work with local charities under a group organization that aimed to bring art and crafts to impoverished schools

Duties Included:

• Creation of a website from process planning to concepting to final deployment

• Iteration of a logo based on their initial designs and a plethora of design ideas